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The Launching Ceremony of “Happiness Express---Humane Eve” was Held in Beijing

China Social Assistance Foundation    2010-08-16 10:56

On July 28th, the “Happiness Express---Humane Eve” hosted by the China Social Assistance Foundation was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel in Beijing. Guests such as Xu Jialu, the President of China Social Assistance Foundation, Zhu Yongxin, the Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy, Li Weihong, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Dou Yupei, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and others attended tonight’s public activity.



Eighteen enterprises donated and auctioned almost 10 art works for charity on site. In total, they raised fund 3.265million RMB. The China Social Assistance Foundation promised that the total raised money from “Humane Eve” will be used in the project “Happiness Express”, which aims at helping the children of migrant workers to reunite with their parents.



“Happiness Express” is the first large-scale public welfare activity established by China Social Assistance Foundation, a rural migrant worker aiding special fund. “Happiness Express” plans to be an annual charity work during the summer holidays; it takes the stay-at-home children who are separated from their parents to cities where their parents work. It creates a great opportunity for their families to get together.



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