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Smiling Mom-Aiding Cervical and Breast Cancer in Rural Areas

China Social Assistance Foundation    2010-05-11 13:38

There are 343 million women living in rural areas, where only 20% of maternal healthcare resources exist. To those women, they are facing a huge lack of basic medical care.

Rural women are the pillar of their families, who give most of their lives to support the whole family but ignoring their own pains and discomforts. "Smiling Mom" Project provides the basic and door-to-door health check service in the villages, partnerships with local governments to integrate the Project with the rural medical care insurance and finally forms the model of “free health check, low price medical treatment and social aid for major diseases”.

We serve the “rural mothers” as our first priority through providing the basic gynecological examinations and assisting the grassroot clinics. We aim to build up a health community for those rural women providing equality and dignity.

Females in rural areas

What we do:
~Donate RMB1000/person to diagnosed patients;
~Support the public awareness of cervical and breast cancer prevention.


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