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The Hepatitis B Assistance Funds of China Social Assistance Foundation

China Social Assistance Foundation    2010-05-11 13:34

Hepatitis B is a highly contagious disease, which currently affects about 130 million people in China; this number is growing at the rate of 10 million per year. Prevention and the containment of hepatitis B takes a high priority in health management in China.

The Hepatitis B Assistance Funds of  China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF),established by CSAF and enterprises in response to “All Basic Health Care Services” launched by government that aims to promote the development of public welfare, increases awareness against hepatitis B, decreases the rate of infection, and assists the disadvantaged patients as well.

People with hepatitis B

What we do:
Free hepatitis B examination
Free hepatitis B drug treatment
Free hepatitis B seminars and consultation

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