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Election for the “China's Most Caring City”

China Social Assistance Foundation    2010-05-11 13:31

Many cities in China have demonstrated great compassion to the well being of their people and developed programs to help the less privileged. In particular, these cities volunteer to take on a large number of the Elderly Who Have No Family Support in Rural Areas by encouraging their citizens (including government agencies, companies and individuals) to donate. As a result, it has expedited the coverage of the elderly who are in need.

To award the title of “Most Caring Cities in China” to those who have done an outstanding job in their charity work and in particular for their contributions to the program of Care for the Elderly Who Have No Family Support in Rural Areas, and to encourage others to learn from them and win the title of the Most Caring Cities in the future.

Improve people's livelihood,Help the less privileged,Take an active role in the cause of public welfare,Care for the Elderly with No Family Support in Rural Areas.


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