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CSAF Established in Beijing

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-28 11:13

On July 25th, China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF) was formally established in Beijing. The inauguration meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People. Xu Jialu, as the chairman of CSAF, was the former Vice Chair-person of the 9th and 10th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. High level government officials, renowned entrepreneurs and philanthropists attended the meeting.


China Social Assistance Foundation (CSAF) is a national public-fundraising foundation which is registered and governed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.


CSAF aims to assemble the compassion and charitable activities at home and abroad; carry forward Chinese fine tradition and moral excellence; assist the extremely impoverished people in urban and rural areas; promote the development of social assistance; contribute to social harmony and the development of civilization.


During the meeting, donations were made to CSAF. Lau Ting, President and CEO of China Lotsynergy Holdings Limited, had donated 50 million RMB to CSAF.


At the same time, CSAF official website ( opened.


CSAF’s planned projects include: Care for the Elderly with No Family Support in Rural Areas, Care for Those Who Have Made Extraordinary Contributions to its Nation and Program to Assist Students from Families in Poverty in Starting their Career or Business.

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