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Care Fund for Migrant Workers

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-24 11:59

In the process of urbanization, more and more people have moved from rural areas to cities and become migrant workers. Currently there are approximately 230 millions of them with most in the constructions, services fields. However they face tremendous amount of challenges in the new environment such as lack of professional knowledge and skills, social security, legal protection and support, etc.

To provide training on skills; to coach on psychological issues, integration into city life style; to create opportunities for family reunion; to provide assistance on child education and legal needs.

Migrant workers

•How we do:
•Individuals or organizations can establish the Care Fund for Migrant Workers in the name of China Social Assistance Foundation , with a minimum fund of three hundred thousand RMB. The foundation and the fund establisher will together set up a management committee, which implements, manages and supervises the programs sponsored by the fund.

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