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Ali Youga —— The Story about a Left-behind Child

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-23 17:56

Ali Youga is a boy of Yi ethnicity in the Daliangshan Mountainous area, Sichuan Province. Though he leads a hard life, he is an optimistic and good student. Everyday he must travel for two to three hours on a mountainous road to school.

Soil erosion is very serious in this area because of deforestation. It is very difficult and dangerous to walk on the road, especially during rainy days. Regardless of rain or shine, Youga walks to school wearing his only pair of shoes and carrying the bag which his aunt made for him. However, under such circumstances Youga leads a happy life.

When he was three years old, Youga’s parents migrated outside of the mountain village in search of better job opportunities in urban areas. His parents worked in Shandong Province, halfway across the country. Even though they miss him a lot, due to the costly expenses of traveling, Youga has not been able to be with his parents for the past few years. The only time Youga has been able to meet his parents was during this year's Lunar New Year festival.

Being without his parents for long periods of time has had an adverse effect on Youga. He has a re-occuring dream, one where he dreams that his parents will come back to his side if he contructs and finishes a 'house'. Yet to his dissapointment, he never is able to finish that house. Youga also keeps an old telephone book, worn and tattered from the years of use. Inside, Youga keeps the only way to contact his parents, by phone. And even though he desires to call his parents, he never does so for the fear of the high expenses of a long distance call.

In the process of making this TV program, Youga came to the Beijing, the city in his dream; he saw many things that he had never seen or even thought of in his hometown. To his surprise, the program invited his parents to meet him in Beijing. We could not help but cry along as Youga was finally reunited with his parents. How sad it is for a little boy like him to be separated from his parents. Being without loved ones is just another tremendous obstacle Youga must overcome in addition to harsh living conditions in his remote mountain village.

During the taping of the program, Wang Shi, President of Vanke Group was so moved that he donated two million RMB for the reuniting of left-behind children and their parents.         

There are many regions with lots of "left-behind children", children of migrant workers who cannot be afforded to be taken care of in big cities. We are calling for more enterprises and individuals, like Vanke President Mr. Wang Shi, to help and take care them.

We have a hope. We hope all children under the sky would live beside their parents.

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