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Creating a Caring Enviornment for the Future of Our Society

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-23 17:54

——A Story of a Home Visit by Shuang Gaihong, teacher from Wende School in Chaoyang District, Beijing

In early September this year, CFPA initiated the Interaction for Poverty Alleviation: Beijing Tour in Wende School in Chaoyang District. During the tour, Li Wenhen, CFPA’s project coordinator, found out that this ordinary-looking school actually had many touching stories. One of which, is the story of a third grade teacher, teacher Shuang Gaihong.


It is not easy to teach in schools with a large population of migrant children. The teachers would often be deeply hurt by the lack of support and communication from the students’ parents.


For five years, Ms. Shuang has experienced countless occurrences with joy and pain.  A fellow colleague, Liu Yueqing, shared a story of a memorable home visit several years ago.


One day in the spring of 2003, Ms. Shuang and the other teachers of third grade were assigned to make home visits to students. At the time, there was an academically inconsistent third grader, who seemed to be a likely candidate for a visit home. Wanting to learn more about the student’s life, the teacher in charge decided to make a home visit to understand and work out relevant measures in the hopes of stabilizing the student’s study.
When Ms. Shuang and other teachers came to the student’s home, they were surprised at what they saw; they found the student doing homework outside, even though winter had barely ended and it was still cool. They asked: “why aren’t you doing homework in the house?” The child lowered his head remaining silent. As they came into the house, they were all shocked to find a room full of smoke and adults playing mahjong. When the teachers explained their purpose, the father spared a second from his busy “work” to find them a place to sit, and ignored the teachers. The teachers had nothing to say, and felt they might as well go back school after saying goodbye to the student.


After Ms. Shuang came back to school, she broke into tears. In fact, everyone was upset of such a lack of care for the student. And yet, the other teachers held back their thoughts and told her: “don’t be sorry, most parents are not like that anyway.” However, to everybody’s surprise, Ms. Shuang replied: “I am not crying for the coldness, I am worried about this child’s physical and emotional development under such poor conditions.” Ms. Shuang made a decision that she would accompany the student to do homework in school so that she can ensure his well-being.


For the next whole year, Ms. Shuang kept helping the student with his studies by accompanying with his homework. Every day, Ms. Shuang would stay later in school to help her student, returning home late at night.


As that old saying goes, Where there's a will, there's a way. With Ms. Shuang’s care, the student progressed with every passing day. By the end of the term, the student was one of the top students in the school. 

Now, the student went back to his hometown for middle school. He attended a key middle school and remained in first place in all classes. It was through such careful concern that Ms. Shuang saved a child and even a family from tragedy.


If such a teacher did not exist, these children would have no way out of their current life. If the children lived in such a harsh environment, how could they grow up to be respected and contributing citizens of this society?


We hope the parents who have children in similar environment will think more for their children and give them a healthy environment to grow up. At the same time, we hope more teachers like Ms Shuang to raise to the challenge and more people will pay attention to the well-being of children of migrant workers. Only by doing this can we ensure the future of this society and country is safe at hands.


(During Sep. 17th to Oct. 17th (International Poverty Alleviation: China’s Action Month), CFPA will join related organizations to hold the Large-scale Charitable Actions on Oct. 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Interaction for Poverty Alleviation: Beijing Tour —— Contestants of the Eighth CCTV Model Contest go to the Wende School in Chaoyang District was the first activity of the event. It built a platform for young model contestants to experience life and contribute love. During the period of International Poverty Alleviation: China’s Action Month, please support us! Hot line for media interviews: 010-82675396-766, Liaison Person: Li Wenhen



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