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Success Comes after Persistence

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-23 17:51

(On September 2nd, an activity aiming at Poverty Alleviation in Beijing launched by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) was held in Wende School in Chaoyang District. This passage tells true stories happened in the school about a teacher, called Meng Rui, who has made numerous contributions and a lot of heartwarming and touching stories through unremitting efforts. The story below is a common one. When I contacted with Meng Rui, I found that she had a strong sense of responsibility and always smiled……)


Everyone has a stage for pursuing his dreams. Ms. Meng said her stage is a common three feet platform. Teachers are figuratively called “ever-bright candle” and “human soul engineer” etc. These praises encourages teachers to make efforts in their work and even teachers’ dedication has been taken for granted.


Recently, Beijing municipal government has made some policies to address the schooling problems of migrant workers’ children, but it is a complicated problem needs to be solved by state-owned schools at one time. These children’s families are in poor condition and they can only afford schools with low tuition. As a result, most of migrant workers have no choice but to send their children to migrant workers’ children schools.


Ms. Meng Rui is a common teacher in Wende School. She always says,” Since the parents chose our school, we should be responsible to these children and help to equip them with knowledge.” And she also says,” We can not do something great, but we can do little things with our full heart.”


Wende School locates in Niaozifang Village, Cuigezhuan Township, Chaoyang District. There is a fact that some students live far away from there and need to take a bus when they go to school. To avoid incidents, the school arranges teachers to escort students on their way from school. Regardless of summer or winter, teachers on duty must get up at 5 o’clock or even earlier in the morning and hurry up to bus station picking up the students. It is normal for teachers to wait for students but the teachers are not allowed to be late no matter it is in a hot summer day or cold winter day.


Ms. Meng told us that once she was late while she heard a voice, “Ms. Meng, I don’t feel cold any more when I see you.” from a 5 year old child. At that moment, she cried. Since then, she never is late.


 It was carsick students that worried her the most. For older students, they knew how to vomit in plastic bags, but for the small, they can not take care of themselves and always vomited on the bus floor. At that time, the teacher must act as a cleaner and clean the mess as quickly as possible with no complaints. Ms. Meng said that teachers felt very bitter at such moments because passengers on the bus always gave her odd looks and she even never did this kind of job before for her own child.

Teachers in migrant workers’ schools received prejudices and misunderstandings, for some people thought that they were incapable to find better jobs. Such situations always occurred but the teachers continued to come to work everyday. Under these circumstances, the teachers did not reduce their enthusiasms in the teach career which they saw it as their pride and happiness.


Cui Kezhong, from Wende School, said,” The teachers here receive a low salary, but they have strong senses of responsibility. Our students come from all over the country. Though the environment is bad, students are studying hard and they are very clever and prospective. Teachers in the school often received flowers and little gifts from students on Teacher’s Day. In those moments, teachers felt happy because there lie in deeply love between them and students.


Ms. Meng said she believes that one would own everything if one has a selfless heart and success comes after persistence. It is later to know that it is a hard job for Ms. Meng to do because there is a long distance between Ms. Meng’s home and her work place, but she still hold on to her dream and to be a good teacher. I think she is encouraged by the health growth of her students under her care and teaching. The student’s success can be seen as her success.


(During Sep. 17th to Oct. 17th International Poverty Alleviation: Chinas Action Month, CFPA will join related organizations to held the Large-scale Charitable Actions on Oct. 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Contestants of the Eighth CCTV Model Contest on the tour of Beijing go to the Wende School in Chaoyang District was the first activity of the event and it also built a platform for young contestants getting to know the vulnerable groups and commit themselves in this cause. During the period of Chinas Action Month, please you’re your concern in our programme and support us! Hot line for media interviews: 010-82675396-766, Liaison Person: Li Wenhen


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