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CRCF Has Allocated 1.069 Billion RMB of Earthquake Relief Fund and Supplies

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-17 14:23

On May 11th, before the one year anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake, CRCF has published a note of income, expenditure and usage of earthquake relief fund and supplies.


The note reveals that: until April 30th, 2009, CRCF has totally collected 1.392 Billion RMB fund and material for earthquake, 1.310 Billion RMB of which are capital and 81.5852 Million RMB are materials.


All money collected had been allocated in 1934 reconstruction projects, including 172 fraternal elementary schools, 156 town hospitals and 973 village clinics, 133 new villages are benefited for 7297 rural villagers, and 140 kids with low-grade limb disabilities. All collected materials are used for purchasing clothes, beddings, medicines, books, wheelchairs and so on.


Up to May 12th, 2009, 46 fraternal schools, 261 clinics, 39 hospitals and 33 new villages have been finished and put into use.



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