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CRCF Received 7 Awards from China Charity Prize of 2008

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-17 14:17

CRCF Received 7 Awards from China Charity Prize in 2008



CRCF is one of the biggest winners of the China Charity Prize in 2008 for in a total of 7 awards which are in relation with CRCF as it was announced on Dec. 5th, 2008.


They are:

- Best National Charity Worker, won by the Secretary General of CRCF, Mr. Wang, Rupeng;


-Most Influential Philanthropic Programs in China, including the key program of CRCF in 2008, namely “Chinese Red” and 2 more programs sponsored by CRCF(the Red Cross Harmony Home )(rebuilding eco-village in Sichuan quake-stricken area) and Eco-toilet to be built in Sichuan quake-stricken area;


- Best Philanthropic Action Sample: The volunteers team of CRCF (Angel's mama);


- Best Philanthropic National Enterprises: Shanxi Liansheng Energy (Group) Ltd. Co, major donor for CRCF who provided RMB 10 million to support relief works and reconstruction in the quake-stricken area.


-Chinese president Hu Jintao attended the meeting of the China Charity Prize Award Ceremony and gave a speach.



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