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"Chinese Red Action" Lights up Hubei Province

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-07-17 14:16

On October 19th, the ceremony of "Chinese Red Action" was held in Hubei province, the city of Wuhan Hongshan Square. Mr. Liu Xuanguo, Deputy Secretary General of CRCF and many local Red Cross leaders attended this event.




During activity, the representative of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China of Hubei Branch, became a member of "Chinese Red Action", publishing the first charity card called "Chinese Red Card" to VIPs.




Mr. Liu Xuanguo expressed that, Hubei was the first station of national wide activity of "Chinese Red Action". During the event, all the donations and charity sales of “Chinese Red Products”, issuing activity of Chinese Red Card and fundraising in Hubei province will all be used to build Fraternity Clinics in Hubei, and we will spread love through the whole province.


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