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Career Consultancy Support for the Impoverished Students

China Social Assistance Foundation    2009-06-17 10:40

Students from families in poverty cannot afford to receive services and/or trainings that may lead them to better employment opportunities or start-up of their own business. Failure to find a job or start a business will make it even harder for those students and their families to come out of poverty.

To design curriculum using the concept of “Learning About the How Not the What”; to build “the Start-up Practice Sites for Students” and “University of Business Start-up”; to provide services to help with start-up businesses, and to host contests for starting-up a business.

Students from underprivieged families.

What we do:
Developing the professional training curriculum;
Establishing "Career Training and Start-up Site" and "China Career Training and Start-up College";
Providing career counseling services to college students;
Encouraging college students to become enterpreuneurs.

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